14 July 2011

siemiany, revisited

malbork castle

this is a typical yard in siemiany (not sure WHOSE yard it is although most people in the town were family or close friends from the old days!).

many people asked about "the party"...yes, we did host a gathering of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends the night before we left....it was in a restaurant which had a hunting theme.

below are some of the cousins...that sweet face at the bottom? well, that is the OTHER
maia c....except i'm pretty sure she spells her name maja.

there was a lovely dinner, a selection of fine meets, and salads and appetiser-y stuff, desserts, (vodka) and the evening ended with the presentation of the smoked leg-of-wild-boar.....(yes, that's a sparkler sticking out of it!)....

speaking of hunting? one night, through the light fog, we saw two 8-point bucks...beautiful. we did NOT mention the sighting to my brother-in-law who would have been out hunting them down in a second!

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Barb Fernald said...

I'll have an order of wild boar please.
With the sparkler!