06 October 2009

keum BOO HOO :o(

the lighting in my classroom at 6:45am...not so great.
it's not totally clear from these images, but with my naked eye it appears that my gold has virtually disappeared. does tumbling force the gold into the surface of the silver, like it's absorbed?
i will try another layer on one of the pieces as it is and then if (when) it doesn't work, i'll toss everything back in the kiln to get it to white, reapply the gold, heat and burnish and then ONLY brass brush it, rather than tumbling...
sound good? anyone?

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Barb Fernald said...

Hi Holly,
It looks like there is still some gold on the flat surfaces. is that just the light? Have you tried applying any liver of sulfur to oxidize the silver? Sometimes when the surface is shiny, from the tumbler, its hard to see the contrast between the gold and silver. (I think that's a common problem with keum boo.)
Don't give up yet!
Meanwhile, your surface textures are amazing! Did you carve those from a block, or are they silicone molds of some raised pattern? Really pretty!