07 October 2009


for a long time now my neck as been killing me. off and on for years, but recently more on than off.
part of me had gotten used to the pain; part of me thought i was being a baby; part of me thought it would go away eventually.....so anyway, i finally decided to go to the doctor. i got an mri (clang, clang, clang) done, and here's one of the the pictures...

see how those 2 disks are bulging out of their assigned location and PRESSING ON MY SPINAL CORD?! so, apparently i wasn't making it up or being a baby. also, not going to go away. trying cortizone shots first. a last resort would be surgery to fuse that section of my neck. yuck.
more jewelry news tomorrow-or maybe knitting, who knows?!


Liz Woodbury said...

oh no, your poor little neck!! i hope the cortizone works wonders.

Barb Fernald said...

Ow! Yikes!
I am SO sure you are not a baby. But isn't it funny how women (especially) always assume that first when something is wrong? "I must just be being a baby..."
I'll keep my fingers crossed that the cortisone shots work. Glad you're getting it looked at. Any room for Physical therapy before surgery?
This looks like a good reason for take-out dinners!