05 October 2009


so...i've MINIMALLY tried the keum-boo before....trying to hold a torch, hold the piece down and burnish all at the same time was onerous.

well, i took myself out to target and bought the appropriate equipment (a hot plate) and decided to give it a try again on these earring elements. i painted on my aura22 (2-3 layers), let it dry and then put it on my hotplate to heat up. it was upsetting to the family to have the smoke detector go ff at 10:30pm because of the gold binder burning off, but after that things went pretty smoothly....bracing the silver pieces with wooden shish-kebab skewers and burnishing with my stainless steel printmaking burnisher (i think i need an agate burnisher). there were some areas that i couldn't squeeze the burnisher in so they still look like dried aura22....i'm hoping when i toss them in the tumbler those areas will get burnished, rather than just washing away...

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