02 August 2009

water etching

these are pendants i've been working on for a little while. could actually be months. first i made the etched portion. you'll notice the shapes (and floral elements) are similar. i was trying to figure out if my new bezel technique would be easier on curves or corners, so i tested it on both. answer...equally easy. the new bezel technique-3 layers of pmc paper, laminated together. it makes a chunky, flexible strip that blends together nicely at seams. next test-2 sheets laminated for stone setting....
have i mentioned how much HATE beading? really. this is the maximum amount of beading i can tolerate, and i was totally aggravated when i was finished. i suppose if my favorite beads were bigger than 3mm, i might not hate the process so much....
the bottom photo has iolite and freshwater pearls. mom's birthday present.
the top photo has iolite, peridot and freshwater pearls. going to etsy.


Barb Fernald said...

Your water etching detail blows me away! I guess we all have the things we like to do. Beading is one of my favorite, most relaxing things. But water etching... I can do one thick layer and then I lose patience!
These necklaces are beautiful. I love the bezel idea. How do you hide the seam with PMC sheet? And, do you use water to make those laminated sheets? A sprayer?

holly kellogg said...

a little bit of water brushed on with a paintbrush for laminating, and actually, seaming, too!
i have SOME patience for the etching, but they'd come out better if i had just a little bit MORE (and started with 6 cards instead of 5)!!!!