02 August 2009

1000 things to do INSTEAD of saul bell

1. obsessively make polymer models of earrings you might SOMEDAY create.

2. make polymer models of earrings you will surely make very soon with your new EMBEDDABLE fine silver earring wires.

3. construct many doo-dads to be used with earrings you will make soon, or someday.

4. make polymer models of shawl pins you'd like to make out of bronzclay one day. draw several versions of this q-tip shape in your sketchbook in case you forget all of the design opportunities inherent in the fascinating q-tip shape.
5.daydream about how you might possibly be able to incorporate that lovely, shiny, triangle-ish sea stone into a pendant someday.

6. imagine how cool a puffy leaf shape would be as a pendant. draw several versions on graph paper and cut the good one out of polymer to see how it will look draped on a lightbulb.

7. avert eyes repeatedly from a call for entries for the pmc conference exhibit next summer.
8.make excuses that you only have 1 packet of clay and want to wait for the order of 4 more to arrive before you get started.
9.write goofy blog entries.
10.think about new ideas for goofy blog entries.
11.stay up late so then you can say you're "tired".

ok, i can only come up with 11 right now....suffice it to say, i should just get started on the darn project.

1 comment:

Barb Fernald said...

So, how did the bronze clay firing go?
I too am back and forth with ideas about Saul bell. Nothing concrete yet. Right now I'm working to have inventory for the N.E. Harbor show.
I still think one day you and I will got to Vegas together!