28 July 2009

too many ideas, not enough time.....

days are filled with summertime kid activities.
the etsy shop is low. almost all those earrings i just posted are gone.

i'm going to add this one, labor-intensive pair that i just finished, but i need to get a bunch more up there! and i just got an idea for the saul bell design competition. entries due september 18. i better get a move on!


Barb Fernald said...

These are so cool. I love the tension. I get many compliments on the earrings you sent to me.
I also love the smile on Maia's face in the photo below.

holly kellogg said...

i love to see her so proud...i don't remember feeling that way as a child.... i might send this pair to stevie...what do you think? they're kind of fancy-schmancy...personally, i don't know if i would wear them....

Barb Fernald said...

I don't remember feeling like that as a child either. Hmm...maybe that's why it's hard to feel proud as an adult?
I think I can picture Stevie wearing these. They are very cool. The last time (and the first time, ha ha) I saw her, she had short hair. She is tall and has a long neck, so she can carry off a longer earring. Isn't it funny how you remember people? She may not be any taller than you or I, but I remember her as tall.