10 October 2010

columbus day weekend

got a run on the beach in this morning (gosh, that's hard-i've never actually run on the beach before) and went to skull island for skatepark, minigolf and arcade action. checked out how much sand has eroded since the summer. reading, movies and good company.
what a beautiful weekend at the cape.
weather was(is!) perfect and mom's doing great.


Marly Penner said...

Glad to hear it was a wonderful beach weekend for you, too! Isn't it great to get a reprieve from the craziness of home routines once in a while? We were so delighted to spend our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage...down by the water soaking in the sunshine. A special gift for this time of year! Wonderful to also hear that your Mom is doing well!

Barb Fernald said...

So glad you got to the Cape, and to know that your Mom is doing so much better!
The long weekend is just too short though, isn't it?