14 October 2010

some results of the workshop with celie fago

well, i don't have the pendants done yet. i'm hoping that when fall sports end in november i will have a wee bit more time to get myself into the studio.

in the meantime, i have been carrying a folder of potential tearaway designs around with me and working on them in spare 10 and 15 minute chunks of time. what i learned from celie is that the really successful tearaways have about an equal balance between black and white, so i took my original designs (which were extremely linear-skinny black lines on white background) and started filling with black.

i have quite a few done now...enough that i'm REALLY excited to use them for tearaway BUT the toner copier at my local grocery store got replaced with a digital one. so i have no way to get copies...

in my excitement to get started, i might have placed an order with amazon last night......
come to mama, little toner copier!


Barb Fernald said...

Hey, my designs look exactly like yours!! (Just kidding) But I have been doodling - some on paper and more in my head - with thoughts of new tear away designs, too. Also keeping in mind the black/white balance. I bought a white pen today to try some drawing on black paper.
You are prolific! These look really cool. I see your vertebrae in there...hope your back and neck are ok.

Ruth said...

These look lovely. Look forward to seeing what you use them for.

STUDiO 28 Waterloo said...

Hey Holly,
LOVE your tear away drawings! Absolutely beautiful and congrats on the photocopier purchase!!! We were so excited to get ours...just have to put aside some time for "making copies!!!" Enjoy!