06 August 2010

veering off into the fine arts, briefly

in my secret OTHER life, i teach fine arts at the high school level. i'll be teaching a new class this year - a wonderful and exciting opportunity! drawing and painting 2 is an 11th grade class where students begin working on their portfolios for art school application. before each large drawing, students will be submitting thumbnail sketches for the purpose of working out their compositions. i realized i can't possibly look at 4 thumbnails for 25 kids in 40 minutes, so i'm piloting a new system...students will be submitting their thumbnail sketches via blog! in preparation for this, i have been working on thumbnail sketches to use as examples for this new work-submission process.

p.s. i DO have several interesting things on the jewelry bench, also...soon to follow!


Unknown said...

Ummmm . . . not sure if a tequila bottle is an appropriate still life subject for 11th graders, no?

holly kellogg said...

what 11th grader knows that's a tequila bottle?

Unknown said...

I think you'd be unpleasantly surprised.