30 July 2010

the conference!

It's very hard to post on a little phone keypad!
The announcement from japan- PMC PRO! Strength greater than sterling! 90 percent silver...10 percent something else(I missed what it was!)can't figure out how to post a photo from this camera- more later!


STUDiO 28 Waterloo said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks for taking on the challenges of your little phone key pad to share the news from Japan. We were wondering if they had figured out how to do a "sterling version" of clay. Will the cost be less?
Is your head spinning yet...with all the lectures, demos...I'm sure you're having a blast with Barb!

holly kellogg said...

Head is certainly spinning....in an exciting and overwhelming way...i,'d love to post pics, but can't figure out how!