17 August 2010

gathering of the circles

it's all about the circles, lately, isn't it? here's one of the incarnations...very orderly...

and here's my favorite...less orderly!

the patina in these photos appears to be VERY contrasty. it's not nearly so in real life; it's actually quite subtle.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I like the circles a lot. Thank you for my shortened necklace. It's perfect!
Can I have a bezel lesson when we are in VT? How do you get them so uniform ?
I'll trade you a bezel lesson for a keum-boo lesson!

holly kellogg said...

methinks you didn't blow up those photos when you were looking at the bezels! they're not so uniform...especially the little triangles on the bottom one i just pushed those into 4 card thick (tiny) disk of wet clay, and then pushed the sides in. the oval one i set from behind, like you did for your beads....drill into dry clay and refine with files, cover the back with mc paper. i'm off to take a friend for tests at the hospital today...hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hope your friend has a good one.
The oval was the one I was looking at. It looks like a bezel.
Methinks you are good friend!