15 August 2010

also on the bench

i left the pmc conference with many plans....among them, to carve more texture plates. so, i did.it really does carve better with some metallic in the polymer mix.
i used the new plates (along with a lot of old plates and tear-aways) to create this circle sampler.

i'll use these on a 36" necklace (loved your long one, barb!) that i can wear long or doubled and hopefully even as a bracelet!


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. I love the circle sample beads. I'm really looking forward to what you make with them.
Can't seem to get in the studio this week. I had lunch with Mom in Bar Harbor yesterday, then will be taking her to the dentist tomorrow. In between I knocked out a pretty good last minute Cranberrry Report. So, I've been creative, just not with jewelry.
Did you get your supplies list from Celie? I can't believe it. Another friend from Maine is taking the class, Jackie Haynes. She noticed my name on the list and e-mailed me! What a small world. We're going to have a blast!

holly kellogg said...

can't wait for that celie class...it's going to be great...how about if i bring my pasta roller, so you don't have to? i have 3 pairs of flat-ish earring elements in the kiln to practice keum boo on....i figure i better do it before school starts, or a whole year might go by!