26 May 2010


my friend, charles, has a mica mine in the town he lives in. thank goodness i know him well enough that i can admire his possessions and then follow up with a request to keep them! it's great to have friends like that! these pieces of mica are so beautiful and reflective, and it peels away in beautiful sheets. i'm thinking it's pretty enough that it could be set by itself, or i could grind it to make mica dust to put in an epoxy setting.
also, yesterday i noticed that my new-last-fall lacecap hydrangea had sprouted cool buds so i made some molds yesterday and have a ring in mind for it. i will make a flat band out of the hydrangea leaf mold, full-fire it, then bend the band and embed it into a cap made with the mold of the bud. pics to follow.

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Barb Fernald said...

The count is now 3 friends with mines! Garnet mine, mica mine, and sunstone mine.

I hope you post a photo of the mold from the hydrangeas. It sounds very cool. There are so many textures at this time of year!
Happy studio time. You have a long weekend coming up.