12 March 2010

do over

this lovely pendant i made a couple years ago, shaped much like myself, was accepted for the pmc guild show at purdue university this summer. i love this pendant for a bunch of reasons, but when i took a close look at it i realized that while the general concept is GOOD, the execution (from back when i first started working with pmc) left a bit to be desired.
the garnets were fired at a temperature that was a bit too high, so they had a metallic sheen.
the bezels holding the garnet were not holding them very neatly.
the garnets had been scratched in some places from sanding the piece....

so i decided to remake it.
here it is...garnets beautiful, shiny, and protected by their (neat) bezels. just a little liver of sulphur and restringing with a handmade toggle clasp and it'll be ready to go.


Barb Fernald said...

I love a good do-over! Congrats again on having your piece accepted!

artartart Things That Inspire Me said...

Holly your do-over looks great (as all your jewelry does! ) I just gave Gayle her earrings and she loves them so much! Congratulations--of course your work was chosen!
love judi