28 March 2010

and in a related matter......

taking a spinning (NOT exercise) class again.
i seem to be getting a bit better.
if i won the lottery i would set myself up with a farm and a big art studio and i would make things all day long. yarn. jewelry. knitted items. lampworked glass. it would be all art, all the time.


Liz Woodbury said...

farm and art studio IN MAINE. i think we should start buying lottery tickets.

Barb Fernald said...

Yes! I agree with Lizzie Lou! In Maine! I'll buy a lottery ticket next time I go off the island. Hey, remember what happened when I bought a lottery ticket hoping to win so we could go to the conference in Chicago last summer?
Keep spinning. There's a big spinning group up here, in Maine. Wednesday Spinners. You could join them. At least maybe we meet up in September to go to the Common Ground Fair.