15 January 2010

update on completed vacation pendant

well, here it is, finished and strung. in the framework of the pendant are tiny polymer clay ballies set in resin. i was aiming for the feeling of a single moment, captured...a stream with little treasures trickling by. the necklace is strung with tiny labradorite beads and pearls. it took me 8 tries to get beads oriented in positions that i liked. i wish i didn't LOVE the look of the perfect beads in a necklace, because i HATE finding just the right ones. i am not a beader. i do not have that innate understanding of what beads will be "just right" with a pendant, so i have to try a million variations before i get it.

a word about clasps....i'm starting to enjoy making them. i really like this one. the picture below shows one of my all-time favorite necklaces, with one of the first clasps i ever made. it was frustrating because i made the toggle bar too short and it kept slipping out. so when i made the new clasp last week i made a longer toggle bar and then i switched the 2, so the short one went with the stream pendant, and i put the long one on the teal bead necklace. ta da! hasn't slipped out once!


Barb Fernald said...

Holly, I really love how this came out. The little balls look like pebbles in water with the larger rock forms.
And I have wicked clasp envy right now! It came together so well. More work this weekend over the MLK break? xoxo

Liz Woodbury said...

so pretty, holly.

holly kellogg said...

hopefully monday i will start work on the RIVET pendant! swirling ideas starting to gel....i plan on riveting with the TUBES i bought. oh, there might be some faux bone, too!

Rob Hazzard said...

Hol, your pieces are so cool! I love reading your blog and getting a better understanding of what is really involved in creating your works. Can't you just quit your day time job and just create and blog more?....please?

holly kellogg said...

i wish, i wish, i wish!
i feel the exact same way about yours, rob!