19 January 2010

a learning day

yesterday was what i like to call a learning day.
that's one of those days where a new skill appears to be easy to master, but upon attempted acquisition of that skill, you find that there are many pitfalls along the way. and hours go by with absolutely no success.

the perfect sized bit to use for tube rivets broke off in that topmost hole. the tube-rivet idea is out the window till i get some more drill bits.

here, i ruined my favorite stone by drilling a wire-hole cock-eyed through it. also, i realized that if i want to set a polished stone into the beach stone, i need a burr to grind out that center circle. ordering the burr tomorrow probably.

here i realized "don't use a butter knife to try to pry the hot glued stone out of the pyrex dish". instead, pour boiling water onto the underside of the dish and the hot glue will pop right off.

whew. something not ruined. not interesting at all; but not ruined.

say hello to the riveting material i will probably use in place of tubes.

all in all, a frustrating but satisfying day. because i do really like learning.

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