20 January 2010


well, with great trepidation this evening, i decided i'd better just go ahead and rivet my pendant elements together. i had a silver frame and a piece of glazed ceramic wrapped with wire and pearls. holes were drilled. little copper wires were prepared. no time like the present.
then, the memory of all those ruined beach stones that i "learned" how to drill on came to mind and i realized it would PROBABLY be a good idea to practice on something scrappy, first. so i drilled holes in 2 old, ugly, badly-fired bronzclay pieces and gave it a try.
voila! worked like a charm! but then i thought "i don't really like copper, even in tiny rivet form". i really, really wanted tube rivets. well, so, i went ahead and made some and filed out my holes (quite) a bit bigger and....
voila! worked like a charm again!
rivets=mission accomplished...wish you were here, barb!


Barb Fernald said...

Oh Holly!!! I wish I was there, too. This is so beautiful. I just love the green with the pearls. I would love to learn how you are spreading the tube rivets. With a steel dapping punch?
It must be something in the air...While you were working on your first rivets, I was finally getting my first ETSY pieces posted. yes, all three of them. I took photos late this afternoon, poor light and a poor excuse for a background.(We're such perfectionists...so hard on ourselves!!) Anyway, i jumped in. Will try to get more photos taken tomorrow, before heading to the dentist for a cracked tooth.
I miss you a lot, but I love being with you vicariously through your blog.
Congratulations on your rivets. I'm inspired!!

holly kellogg said...

thank you, thank you!
more importantly, etsy pieces posted?! where?! what's the address? i'm sure your lighting and background are PERFECT....i'm so excited for you!
p.s. flared them with an agate burnisher (whose got steel dapping punches?! not me!)

Liz Woodbury said...

i'm totally going to steal the line, "i flared them with an agate burnisher." as i have no idea what that means, i'll be able to use it in nearly any situation! i.e.:

"mmm, these cupcakes are great!"
"thanks, i flared them with an agate burnisher!"

Barb Fernald said...

Lizzie Lou just cracked me up!

holly kellogg said...

me too!!!!