22 July 2009

a revelation

isn't this nikon d40 beautiful? i've been on and off saving for it for a few months, but interesting opportunities keep presenting themselves and using all of my saved money!
i'm thinking i need this beauty of a camera because i used my brother's to take my first etsy pictures. after a VERY steep learning curve (3 hours) i got the hang of it and took some very nice photos with it. i decided i needed the d40 because my snappy (as in snap-a-picture) camera could not take any reasonable photos of jewelry.
well. lo-and-behold.
i was sitting there the other day cycling thru the different menu options and settings on my little camers and i found...SUPERMACRO. check it out.

potential, i thought...and then tried THIS...

well. whaddaya know. a perfectly reasonable photo of jewelry, from my little snappy camera. so, i took a whole bunch of photos of new earrings...

posted them on etsy, and had a sale within the first few hours!
honestly, i still do want that beautiful d40 though. someday....

1 comment:

Barb Fernald said...

You are too funny! The super macro function is what allows me to take my jewelry photos with my little digital. I'm glad you found it.
When my old camera started showing shadows, I bought the new little red point and shoot. I saved $ by not getting a super macro function. And I never liked that camera as much. I love supermacro!
And, my camera fell out of my bag at the beach when someone took a towel out. I never realized it until the next day. Went back to look. No camera. It was below high tide mark. I'm saving up for a new one. It will be sure to have a super macro function!