21 July 2009

conference purchases

handmade glass beads. someday i'd like to learn lampworking.

ahhh...sunstones....i am in love with them...
pinkish-orangeish isn't even a color i really love, but for some reason these stones take my breath away...i've even started buying clothes to match the stones. y'know how some people buy jewelry to match an outfit? well, i've started buying clothes to match the jewery i make! "oh, that blue shirt will look great with the labrodorite beads in my necklace!"
these lovelies were purchased at www.oregonsunstone.com. for metal clay people, the beauty is that they fire in place, you don't have to set them into the jewelry after it comes out of the kiln.

and what a nice surprise.....my friend molly, who owns oregonsunstone.com, used a picture of my ring in her promotional materials! also, that's barb's BEAUTIFUL Saul Bell finalist necklace above my ring...

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