08 February 2013

silly update

the last time i was GOING to do an update i brought my camera to the salon with me to snap a quick pic of my hair before i got a bunch of the yellow snipped off. it was december 16th. when i got out of the car and took my camera out i realized that right behind me there was a line for a wake for one of the sandy hook victims going into the funeral home in my town. boy, did that snap me right back to reality.
my house is 8 miles from sandy hook elementary school, about 6 as the crow flies. when they thought there might be a second shooter i had to go home to get my kids off the bus. there is a police officer at my kids' schools almost all the time. i teach in a classroom by a back door made entirely of glass.
i've been a long time trying to learn to live in a post-sandy hook world. maybe the fact that i can put up my frivolous hair update means i'm slowly finding my way....


Liz Woodbury said...


And you: you are so adorable with your curly gray hair.

Barb Fernald said...

That is some great looking hair!!

The whole classroom near the glass door after Sandy Hook thing makes me realize just how hard the adjustment must be for all of the teachers in the area.

Makes it even more special to see your great gray hair. It took me a little while to get used to mine but I am so glad to be away from coloring it. Freedom!