13 October 2012

great class at the aldrich

class finished up at about 8:30 pm on thursday night. it's first thing saturday morning and 16 sets of lentil beads, button closures and decorative disks are all fired, tumbled, and patina-ed. whew.

i'm glad i thought to supply fill-in-the-blank forms for the artists to sketch their beads and buttons. and ziplocs with labels-for-names to keep it all organized. 

i wish that i had been able to accurately assess how many hours it would take me to fire, tumble and patina so many pieces. not to mention the sanding and assembling each necklace. 

next time i will arrange for a 6-hour class where THE MAKERS will do the finishing and assembly work, instead of me!

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Barb Fernald said...

Wow! That's an impressive pile. Your students will be so happy! I love the idea of the sketch forms for to help keep track of each person's design. But all that finishing work for you...what a job. These students got a great deal! I hope you have the rest of today and tomorrow for your own work.