04 September 2012


a mess, as it turns out!
this is a silk scarf...i'm trying to make myself some scarves to wear in my hair to sort of artfully distract from (cover up?) the transition between silver and blond. i saw this sharpie/rubbing alcohol technique on pinterest. it certainly has potential, but i learned here that i need more color and less alcohol. i saved this one by sharpie-ing some green circles and leaving them un-alcohol-ed.

this next one started out as pink, red and orange stripes, pretty densely-packed. i like it but it ended up heavy on the pink when i wanted it heavy on the orange. perhaps i will go back in with the orange sharpie and maybe some more yellow, too.


Barb Fernald said...

You are a very brave and wonderful friend!

holly kellogg said...

miss you!!!