26 April 2012

besides experimenting with polymer

i've been doing a bit of this.

what's this, you say? it's making smallish bits and bobs  (circles, domes, lentils, backward lentils, etc.) with silverclay and assembling necklace pendants afterwards. this is in contrast to my normal way of working where i plan things out to the most minor detail in my sketchbook before i begin. i am also completely enjoying the move away from the tiny beaded strands that i usually make-.5mm leather cord is quite delicate and very flexible and reduces some of the fussiness that can be had with tiny beads.


and ever since i started making toggle clasps i've been struggling with the bar slipping out of the circle, no matter HOW LONG that bar is! this little silver button completely eliminates that problem. a knotted loop NEVER slips off a silver button!

1 comment:

Barb Fernald said...

I like how this necklace looks! I'm the opposite of you in this. I like to start out with a pile of little bits and figure out how I will put them all together. Maybe I should try working from a sketch for a change....
Love the button, and I miss you.