09 February 2012

polymer sweater pin

i made the skinny one first, out of premo, i think. i baked it 30 minutes (i think). and as soon as i spiraled it into the 2 layers of the front of my cardigan, it warped out of shape. I made the big one (45 minute bake time) in response to the warpyness of the skinny one, but it stretches the fabric of the knitting out too much. i think i'll re-bake the skinny one to see if i can get it to stiffen up a bit.

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Barb Fernald said...

Cool idea!! I love these!! Great colors. I bet they look great on a cardigan.
If you can't get the thin black part of the polymer to stiffen up, could you use a 14 to 16 gauge piece of copper wire for the skinny part of the spiral and fire the dotted polymer end onto it? (You could work harden the copper so it would hold its shape. You could probably even paint it black and seal it with some Liquid Sculpey?) So much potential in these!