04 February 2012

necklace disappointment

i have actually been working (for weeks, a few minutes at a time) on this necklace. It looks pretty nice, doesn't it? 
it hit a bunch of my own personal challenges i had set for myself-first and foremost, an asymmetrical necklace. also, using leather. and multiple strands. and a BIG toggle clasp used as the focal point. so i should be tickled that it worked out so nicely, right? unfortunately, what that photograph doesn't show is that it's so long that the toggle doesn't have any tension on it so it lays funny and jangles around a bit and also the bar slips down; so it JUST DOESN'T HANG RIGHT. also, the little scribble beads that i made with 28 gauge argentium are itchy and picky, kind of like wearing something made out of human hair.
it's frustrating to have so little time to make jewelry and to have spent so much time on a piece that is just going to have to be disassembled.


Barb Fernald said...

All that work! It's really a beautiful piece. I love that you worked in a way to use the leather.
What if the ring, that connects the leather strands to the other multiple strands, (not the toggle, but the "O")
were centered at the back of your neck. It would raise the toggle up a little from the bottom of the necklace to the side, giving it some tension. You could add wired beads or something to the ring to weight it so it would stay at the back of the neck.
The itchy and picky beads....could they be reworked so the ends don't scratch? Or taken off and melted into balls to attach to a heavier gauge wire and used as some kind of dangly component?
My 2¢ from a hotel room in Ellsworth, where Bruce is snoring away and I can't get to sleep. We'll be back on the island tomorrow.

holly kellogg said...

great suggestions...maybe i won't give up on it just yet! thanks! happy homecoming tomorrow!

Barb Fernald said...

Never give up! Just put it aside!
So glad to be home.
But, my mom has a dr.'s appointment tomorrow so I'll be going back off island. Blech,.