14 December 2011

what's been happening?

santa had different plans, i think. santa needs to re-evaluate her plan!

i caught maia's first ever point-scored-in-a-game. she's LOVING basketball.

these are the tiles that will be surrounding the fireplace by the end of this weekend. they took SO LONG to get just right. i mixed the glaze to the exact color i wanted and applied 4 coats. then i put 1 coat of clear gloss on and fired. oooo-bad. totally inconsistent matte/shiny texture across the surface of each tile. took them home and hand-dipped each one (206) in clear gloss again, sanding off the thick areas...fired them again and VOILA.....the perfect tiles!


Liz Woodbury said...

where did these jock children of yours come from??

and i love that green, LOVE IT. don't forget to take a photo as soon as it's done!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You glazed and fired your own tiles??!! No wonder it is taking a long time to finish the job! How do you fit everything in with a full time job and the sports, and making jewelry.
I think you are a rock star!
The color is beautiful, by the way.
xoxo B