07 November 2011

long time no see.

i'm still here.

this fall has been odd.
we did all the normal autumn things

but then winter came and knocked us for a loop.

most of the branches of this pretty tree came cascading down with a giant crash. you can see in the back right of this photo that there are giant, broken tree-sized branches dangling in that tree back there. they're still there, waiting to kill me when a breeze kicks up and i'm working in the garden next spring.

that's my road, totally blocked. some kind neighbor with a chainsaw cut a single-car-sized hole in the trees so we could drive through. the town says they'll get to fully clearing all the roads "in the next couple months".

it did get AWFULLY cold in the house after 4 or 5 days of no power.

but, really, how beautiful was the light the day after the storm?

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