02 August 2011

what's that word again?

1. Excessive pride or self-confidence.

the kids these days, they have a phrase they say...."well, THAT'S a fail" or "EPIC fail".

today was the kind of day that cleared up any romantic notion that someday i could make jewelry as my day job.

in trying to find a way to use the giant bezel i made in celie fago's class last fall, i thought polymer and resin might do the trick.

well, definitely not these murky colors, for sure.

i re-read kate mckinnon's structural clay book (fantastic) and realized i had a lot of dried elements around that i could assemble into something quite nice (without opening a new package of metal clay). well, i assembled it without allowing enough space between the elements and they stuck together, so it is no longer kinetic.

speaking of stuck together....

way back in 2004ish i took my first class in metal clay and my teacher was so persnickety about not firing things close together so they wouldn't get stuck to each other....over the years i've had lots of experience with trying my hardest to MAKE things stick together that have just decided to pop apart....so it never occured to me that i couldn't make a little shim (out of already fired metal clay)to keep my ring level in the kiln....

it's stuck right on there! kids, don't try this at home, but i actually pried it off with my teeth...disaster averted!

i am trying to keep perspective....my teaching has kept me out of the studio for a LONG time; it is natural that i'd be rusty, that my instincts wouldn't be as strong.....but GOSH, what a frustrating day!


Anonymous said...

You pried it off with your TEETH??!!
I think your day could have gone a lot worse!!
I hate it, though, when I have plans for the studio, after too long away, and then nothing goes as I planned. Hang in there my creative friend. I'm bringing some of Hadar's powders with me to Vermont. We can play with them after class, at Henry and Donna's. Yippee!!

holly kellogg said...

i know, that's so bad, but i was desperate! that ring is actually going to be fine (since i chewed off the extra metal....) something new and pretty for etsy...it's sort of a poopy shape and i'm setting a pearl in the center and resining in some tiny polymer clay balls in the pink/apricot or burgundy/burnt orange family....
i can't wait for vermont!
hey do you think i culd fire out all that ugly stuff from my celie bezel, if i took the kiln outside? is there any chance of ruining the interior of the kiln?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to pick it out with a blade (or your teeth)? I'm not sure about the kiln. Wouldn't it get too hot and cause poisonous smoke to be trapped in there until you let it out? Maybe not something quite so dramatic, but I don't think overheating polymer is very good for the environment. Maybe Celie has an idea for how to get it out.
I'm getting excited about working more with polymer. Vermont will be pretty then. I wonder who we might get in the class. Maybe people you know this time.

holly kellogg said...

i did try chewing it out ( ;o) ) as well as ALL of my gouging tools...that ice resin is as hard as a ROCK.....maybe i will wait to ask celie....i'm feeling bad that i didn't want to put in any of my ugly polymer sheets that she taught us how to make-silly, i know!!!