13 August 2011


sketchy photography skills strike again.
i set aside several hours for photographing a bunch of new work for etsy.
i DID check the white balance when i started because the photos did seem the teensiest bit on the warm side...so i checked the tungten light setting and that was WAY too cool. so i switched back to the white fluorescent setting (by the way, the bulbs in my sockets were white fluorescent) and snapped happily away for almost 2 hours.
well, where they seemed the teensiest bit warm in the camera, they were warm as can be on my monitor.

this example below is a photo from today desaturated as far as possible (i had to set up a consistent desaturation standard so that when the pieces had colored beads, i wouldn't lose that color completely).

the bottom example is approximately how gray the background is in all of the current etsy photos.
turns out i can't use even one of the photos from today.... thank goodness i have a couple of free hours tomorrow, too, to re-shoot them all. and i might even have a lovely 25-year-old neck to photograph the necklaces on if my sweet niece will agree!

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