02 April 2011

so proud

of the work my drawing and painting students have done this year. today was the opening of our spring show, and if you click on these, you should be able to get a (slightly) better look at them. unfortunately, they were in a room with a window across the way, so i was getting a lot of reflections on the glass. i'm noticing now that while i got them all, some are barely visible and/or parts are cropped out...shoot.


Anonymous said...

Amazing work! It must be fun and gratifying to see where your students go from here with their talent. Are some of these colored pencil?
That must have been a LONG day hanging the show!

holly kellogg said...

yes, many of them are colored pencil! it took about 2.5 hours to hang about 120 pieces...thank goodness for volunteer helpers!

Marly said...

The student work looks absolutely beautiful! That couldn't have happened without an amazing teacher!
It must be so exciting to pass on the passion for art and be a catalyst to such wonderful creativity!