20 February 2011

minor accomplishments

well, yesterday was supposed to be my day to GET THINGS ACCOMPLISHED with the rest of the fam away snowboarding. well....... i did get some things accomplished, just not nearly what i imagined!
the day started with my yearly(ish) mammogram appointment, then home for a bowl of cereal in front of hgtv. when the cereal was done i finished this up. hard to tell what it is, no? i knit it with my fingers crossed, hoping it would do what i thought it would do...AND IT DOES!
my mom has some trouble breathing in the cold air of the northeast. i've made her scarves, but they don't cover her mouth unless she holds them up with her hand...this here is a super soft alpaca (cascade eco-duo) tube of ribbing. you pull it over your head and it's snuggly, but not in the least bit tight. you can scrunch it down to be like a leg-warmer for your neck OR you can pull it up over your face and double it to protect your lungs from the cold air, no hand needed. SCORE! now, the unfortunate part is that that creamy-beigey color might not really suit my mama...she is beautiful with silver-white hair and bright blue eyes and she carries bright jewel colors beautifully...but i don't have those in my stash because i don't do those colors. so the other skeins in the picture are the closest i could find in my stash...if she would comment here about her preference i could whip her up another one before she gets here thursday!
the following pic is an example of me STILL struggling with white balance. photography does not come easily to me.

in the afternoon, i did get quite a bit of jewelry started, pushed to mid-project and 1 item completed. there are just no photos yet. except this one. am i the only one who can't get argentium to ball up properly? i used up 4 inches making droopy ball-ends and clipping them off.

i really needed a length of ball-ended 18 gauge wire and i only had argentium, so i finally took a droopy one and filed some of the uneven off and used it...but it should be so hard!
so, i appreciated the time i had to myself yesterday but was disappointed to be reminded about how hard it is to get a LOT accomplished....


Unknown said...

Is that solid color a bluish grey It's very pretty. I already have two multicolored ones so I think the solid is better.

holly kellogg said...

well, it's more of a soft sagey green-grey...if it was blue gray i would have just used it! it is very pretty...i'll make one in that color and then you can take whichever you like best...

Barb Fernald said...

The yarn sounds wonderful. I'm glad to hear your mom can get there for a visit. I hope she's feeling lots better.
And you are a silly goose! It sounds like you got a LOT done with your time. Why is it so hard to see this for ourselves. I do it too. I end my day looking at what I was unable to do, rather than what I actually did.
I have trouble balling up that Argentium with my little butane torch, too. I think maybe it's not hot enough. I have no trouble with the ball ends when I use my oxy-acetelyne torch, but that is a lot hotter.
Good for you for getting that mammogram, too.
Can't wait for glass class!

holly kellogg said...

i'm so looking forward to that class too! i haven't sent my check yet, but it's going in the mail on tuesday!
goodness, go to sleep, it's late!