09 February 2011

birds of a feather

or, actually, birds of TWO feathers (ceramic and unfired silver metalclay).

it's too bad i didn't include something to show the scale...these ceramic guys are pretty tiny! i believe i like them better with the distinct neck-crease, rather than with the head and body blended together. the little guy on top? i think his noggin is a bit too big.
trying to decide if these guys will stay white, or get painted with a wash of acrylic...

on the other hand, the even-tinier metalclay birdies below will probably not even get a patina at all...we'll have to see when they come out of the kiln.

i think i prefer the design of the fatter birdie with the less prominent wings. anyone else have an opinion?
i also have to work on refining the positioning of the hole....how could i continue to be surprised at the fact that EVERYTHING matters....a bady positioned hole makes the bird look like he's dive-bombing...

1 comment:

Barb Fernald said...

Birdies! I'm jealous. These are wonderful. I agree with all of your comments about the metal clay birds. Head a little big, yes, but it might be a super smart bird and not a bird brain.
I also like the one with the more subtle wings. So much goes into making a bead, doesn't it? i have seen birds dive down for things, a lot. So your downward bird sounds actively cool.
Wish I had joined bird a week...but don't have time or ideas yet. I need to get going on my regular schedule in the studio. It's too easy to find other things to do..