30 January 2011


that's a funny title for this picture, no?

i'm trying to figure out just exactly how i feel about my little henyocks growing big enough that they are going off into the world to do things that i cannot.
i sat in a ski lodge all day saturday, after i helped my littlest get her snowboarding boots on. she's essentially outgrown the bunnyslope, so i'm pretty much obsolete. it was a long day in the ski lodge, and while i did get some creative work done (carving polymer clay blocks so that i can inlay new colors), i could've gotten a LOT MORE done if i had just stayed home.

the fun part of today? meeting a whole bunch of 10-year-olds who wanted to know what the heck i was doing with my carving tool and polymer clay blocks! so many self-confident, interested kids approached me to say "hi! what are you doing there?!" and then proceeded to ask me lots of questions!!! so sweet. i would NEVER have approached someone, no matter HOW interested i was, when i was a kid!

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Barb Fernald said...

I love this story, and the fact that you took some work to the ski lodge. Interested 10 year olds sound uncommon. But maybe that's because I was like you at that age. It was hard to approach people. Looking forward to the next step with these blocks!