14 January 2011

a ridiculous idea

there's a challenge in the art jewelry community called Ring-a-Week.
if this was last year, i could DEFINITELY take on a challenge like that (last year it was Ring-a-Day...i'll NEVER be up for that!). i wonder if i could make my own challenge "Ring-Whenever-You-Can". lame, i know.
if i was to take on Ring-a-Week, i would start by committing to finish this one. this thing has been hanging around, half-finished, for 6 months.

here's the main problem. i designed it around his gorgeous pietersite that i am madly in love with and want to keep for my own.

but the ring is too big for me (way too big) and so if i put my pietersite in that setting i'll have to say goodbye to it. OR I COULD...
*put a found object in that bezel.
*make something from polymer to put in that bezel.
*make sure there are no gaps and collage and resin that bezel.
what haven't i thought of?

i could maybe do Ring-Every-Couple-of-Weeks....


Liz Woodbury said...

why don't you start with ring-a-month, and then be extra pleased with yourself if you do way more than that?!

holly kellogg said...

hmmmm...not a bad idea! that half-done one could be for january, which is half-done, too!

Barb Fernald said...

I like the ring-whenever-you-can option. (For me it would actually be make-a ring-this-year-because-you-have-never-made-one-before.)
You MUST keep the pietersite for yourself. Let the large ring hang out in your studio and get used to the idea it will have something else in the bezel and I bet you will come up with something really great that you are also willing to sell.

Unknown said...

OR . . . perhaps you could complete that ring with the beautiful pietersite and give it to your sausage-fingered sister. :0)