19 January 2011

beading challenges

i've decided that since beading/stringing is my nemesis, i will start documenting my failures (usually i just unstring quickly and look surreptitiously over my shoulder, hoping no one saw the ugly thing i made, thinking it was going to be lovely).

here's the first. i think, usually, i will just document the different manifestations of beading until i come up with a good one, and then post them all in a single post. i hope this will allow me to see the progression...maybe having a visual record will help me more quickly visualize and execute attractive and meaningful and well-balanced necklaces.
this first one was homely enough (too many bloopity-bloops on the sides, tho i do really like the pearls and labradorite in place of the missing rung) i decided to post it by itself!

as an aside, these are my little scribble beads. they're made out of 28 (i think) gauge argentium wire wrapped around a 1.25mm knitting needle.

the left is a 3" length (too short and messy), then 4" in the middle and 5" at the end. i like the 5"- i expect i will use them on earrings....

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Wendy McManus said...

Holly, I'm just awful at beading! I usually just avoid it, but I have a few pieces that really do need it to be complete. They are taunting me!!

Those scribble beads are intesting. I do something similar with thin snakes of metal clay or extruded clay from a syringe or clay extruder. You get a bit more freedom because the wrapping part is done with wet-stage clay, rather then wire that resists going into the shape you want.