16 November 2010

also, this

i spent yesterday rushing pell-mell thru my responsibilities to get an hour in the studio. made 4 awkward-looking tube beads (pics later). the first was the worst, the last-the best...maybe if i make a few more tonight they'll get even better. anyway, then i had some extra time, so i strung these(by "these" i mean my first pieces with my own successful tear-away texture AND my first attempt at using fine silver bezel cups fired into metal clay) together with leopard jasper and carnelian beads.

as usual, i recognize that 6:50 am, in my classroom, with a point-and-shoot camera are not optimal conditions for taking photos of jewelry. it's that-or-nothin' these days.

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Marly Penner said...

I LOVE this piece! The carnelian and jasper really add to the beauty! Isn't it fun to use fine silver bezel cups?
It's so exciting to see your new tear-aways, too! Inspires me to make some of my own again ....after Christmas!!!