18 October 2010


i find it appalling that a school (my son's) arranges a 1-day trip to new york city, and it costs...

really?! One hundred and twenty dollars?!
have they not heard that the economy is not in great shape? are they not aware that people are out of work?
listen, i'm all for a trip to nyc, and i know the buses are expensive...but i have deep concerns about how educational the trip is going to be if they're visiting 2 museums (who tries to visit 2 museums in 1 day?! with 11 year olds?!) and lunching at the hard rock cafe.
my suggestion? brown bag lunch and 1 museum.
this smells like more "cool" than school, to me.
so there.


Liz Woodbury said...

wtf? seriously, isaac just spent a week on a maine island and it cost a grand total of $25 ($10 for free and reduced lunch-qualified kids). and when zoƫ's class went to nyc for a week it was less than $100...

Liz Woodbury said...

(granted, we do some serious fund raising and grant writing at their school.)

Barb Fernald said...

That's shocking! They expect that parents have an extra $120 to shell out for a 1 day field trip? Is it mandatory?
Wtf indeed!