07 October 2010


a new rio grande catalog came in the mail today.
it felt a bit like it did way back in the 70's when we'd get a sears catalog in the mail and i'd go through with a big pen, circling everything i wanted!
before i get to the coveting, i have to show what i found just a few pages in... barb's necklace and quote!

when we were at celie's workshop in vermont a couple weeks ago we were talking about how we do things. i spent a long time describing my "technique" for filing out holes in greenware to fit faceted stones. apparently, i just need to get these stone-setting burrs.

i've never been much of a template girl, but i like the ones in the top row.

the gasket on my rubber tumbler barrel is leaking every time i tumble. maybe it's time for this new plastic one...

someday i will learn how to do lampworking...hot, melty glass looks like so much fun to me!

and if i was a lampworker i could justify buying little jars of this colored frit!

here, i see that rio has a TUBE CUTTER. in the tools/equipment catalog they have a tube-cutting jig that holds the tube so you can cut it with a jewelers saw. i am definitely buying one of them (i have a lot of tube that needs cutting!), but don't know which one to go with. any ideas? anyone?

which of these gloves is appropriate for working up close to a hot plate doing keum-boo?

and also, enameling. someday.

i'm looking forward to finding out how much rio will be crediting me for the HEAVY box of uglies i just sent them to recycle. maybe some of these new tools, etc, will be making their ways to my house!


Barb Fernald said...

Hey, I didn't get that catalog yet! Maybe tomorrow...
I bought my leather gloves for keum-boo at a gardening store or a hardware store. They might have been about $9, and no shipping. How much are the Rio ones? The other thing is that I definitely burned my first pair of gloves in several places, ad they shrunk p a little being so close to the heat of the burner. Go for the cheapest ones you can find, but still leather.
Don't know anything about tube cutters, sorry.
But I do know that we should sign up for a lampworking class together. I have always wanted to try it too!
xoxo B

Ruth said...

I love my tube cutter. It's not a lovely red one like the one in Rio, but a similar style. It works well, especially with a guide so you can cut a few tubes all the same length. You can also cut rolls/rods of dry metal clay for hinges with it to get nice sharp ends. If you get it - you'll find lots of ways to use it!
Happy shopping. The catalog is very inspiring for new purchases!

holly kellogg said...

barb...thanks for the glove advice...i'll definitely do that. i didn't even know they needed to be leather! maybe next year we can find a place to learn lampworking (we'll fit it in with trips to poland and weddings!)
ruth-that's just the advice i needed! thanks so much! i watched celie fago use the jig and it seemed very helpful, but something that actually cuts FOR ME is even better! btw, birdland is bookmarked on my home computer (i'm a regular lurker!)...beautiful work!

Wendy McManus said...

Haha! I spent a few moments Saturday morning flipping through that very same catalog and having many of the very same thoughts. I remember circling stuff in the Sears catalog and giving it to my mom as my Christmas wish list. I might do the same with the Rio catalog and give it to my hubby. No more guessing. This is EXACTLY what I want!

jackie haines said...

Hi Holly,
I just did the same thing with my ugly stuff. I haven't rec'd the new Rio catalog yet but can't wait, now that I know it's out there. I have that same red handled tube cutting jig and I like it a lot. Also, I'm with Barb on the gloves- I buy the cheapest ones I can find that are leather for keum boo, cause they will probably get burnt and holey.