30 September 2010

it's been too long....

the start of the school year and the challenge of teaching a new class this year has kept me busy and tired and wishing i had something new to post here. nothing much is happening in the studio right now- when i learn how to QUICKLY assess and give feedback to 120 young artists, i'll be back in full force (see you in july!)

i had a free few moments this evening, and i remembered i had this to offer up....the last necklace i assembled before school started up again. the back story to this (the REAL story, actually) is that i went poking around on my friend barb's blog in july and found a new blog posted there...Kelley's Bead Studio. well..i fell in love with the lampwork eggs she was making and put in an order. soon after, i received a box of beautiful glass eggs.

my work table has not had such an inspiring pile of loveliness on it in a long time.

i had been thinking about making some longer necklaces, and using some chain, so i tried it out with a gray and purple and ivory egg. i made a ball-end on 16 ga. fine silver wire with metal clay. i threaded the egg as well as some small beady things i made with metal clay and hung it from a fairly delicate chain. also, labradorite and amethyst beads.

i have lots more ideas about ways to use these eggs, but honestly, i'm conflicted. i love to just LOOK at them on my bench. my own little pile of treasure...

(about the photography-sorry. since i now leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark, the few moments i catch to try to take photographs are generally inappropriately lit!)


Liz Woodbury said...

oooh, pretty!

Barb Fernald said...

Wow! Those are inspiring! Maybe I better get on the list.
I really like the green one just on the left edge of the photo with what looks like salmon colored spots.
The necklace you made looks great with the chain.
Weekend is here. Hope you have more time with these tomorrow or Sunday.

Barb Fernald said...

Hey Holly,
Check out Kelly's blog. She is featuring your beads and the necklace you made! (Maybe you have already seen it.) Nice comments about your work! All well deserved I might add!