25 July 2010

a day of one's own

is a rare occurrence for me. val and the kiddles left at 7:30 yesterday morning to go on an overnight camping trip...aaaahhhh...hours of time for me to do anything i want.

so, i went shopping, which i RARELY do. Two new shirts and check out this LAMP!
a person shouldn't BE as excited about a little round polka dot lamp, as i am about this one!
this blue one, not so much. i think it will go back so a green one can replace it for the new studio.

one of the main things i wanted to accomplish during this time was to take photos of the most recent jewelry to get the pieces up on etsy. a tiny part of me thinks "photos? how long could THAT take?" but mostly i know for sure that it will TAKE HOURS. well, that's what i did all this morning. i read a great tutorial on vickie hallmak's blog about photographing jewelry. i used her gradient backdrop idea (rather than the gray fabric i usually use) and it makes the work look quite nice!

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