02 June 2010

what you can get accomplished in 20 minutes on a tuesday night

restring the pretty circle necklace with a hook clasp instead of a toggle bar.

discovered this morning that having a hook does NOT stop the darn circles from twisting. now i really WILL dismantle the necklace.

hammer the ring and "chemically bond" the pearls to the posts.

discovered this morning (alright, i knew it last night) that the ring is really too small for my middle finger and a bit tight on my ring finger.

and finally, i cut out the back of a "treasure box" that will include a beachstone, some mica and posted pearls on a curved surface. pics to come.....


Barb Fernald said...

I really like the looks of your hook clasp. Did you fire the hook in place (ie. curled over) or did you fire it flat and then curl it over? I've tried the second technique for making a hook and have broken several hooks trying to bend them over. Yours has such pretty lines.

The twisting ring thing. I have had the same problem with wrapped wire connections. What gauge wire are you using?

AND the ring looks fabulous! I love your designs.

holly kellogg said...

i DID make it curled over like that! bending the silver just SCARES the bejesus out of me! altho i did do it successfully (a la kate mckinnon) for a ring shank not too long ago. back to the hook...i work-hardened it a bit by opening and closing a little bit (down, up, down, up).
i used TINY wire 20ga maybe for those links between circles. i think there has to be LESS play in the connector wires...but then how would the necklace not be stiff? i don't know...it's a mystery.
i loved hammering that ring...such a simple technique and it looks so good! i'll probably do more!