27 June 2010

summer's to-do list

beautiful wall. we will re-visit this (in much better photographic quality) later in the summer.

SUMMER'S TO-DO LIST (jewelry and otherwise):
re-organize the studio.
photograph all new work and post on etsy.
make a ring that fits.
read a book or 2 (instead of ALWAYS knitting or making jewelry).
blog more often.
experiment with new drawing media (water-soluable oil pastels, watercolor pencils gouache).
stop feeling anxious and unsure about teaching a new class next year.
exercise a bunch of times a week.
spend time in the garden in the mornings.
review my 19th century art history.
make a piece of jewelry with a hinge.
make a piece of jewelry with fancy prongs to hold a seastone.
collect more seastones on cape cod.
learn a bunch of new stuff at the PMC conference in july.
figure out how to set up blogs for all my students so they can hand in thumbnail sketches digitally (welcome to the 21st century, fine art!).
eat more/new fruits and vegetables (and less cookies).
try 10 new recipes.
submit work for the topography of metal show at Tap Studios/ Gallery M in cleveland, ohio.
submit work for hattie's upcoming ring book.


Anonymous said...

Big list! The hinges. Wow. I need to catch up with you, starting with rivets. Hey, isn't a hinge kind of like one long rivet through tubes?
Happy summer!!

holly kellogg said...

off to a good start! got up at 5:30 to walk, then pulled some weeds (not too many-VERY HUMID). ate bluberries and yogurt for breakfast and haven't even STARTED thinking about cookies yet! today=library and town pool. you have a great one!

Liz Woodbury said...

"i hate fruit." - holly

(hee hee.)

holly kellogg said...

possibly. some of it. especially the unripe variety. and apples that make the roof of my mouth itch. and oranges with their frequently dry interiors or stringy ones that make me choke.
i do love berries, though, and i take a banana a day, like medicine.

Unknown said...

hi holly

rroberts said...

there must be something about artist-teachers. you and i have some of the same dna holly..with all the list-making and to-do's. we're so lucky to have summers "off" we try to squeeze every last drop out of it. sometimes i forget to create room to fill up with inspiration for my own work and for the coming year. i'm trying this summer to do less, make fewer lists, cut myself some slack. harder said than done. what do you think? and...i've done ALOT of blogging with my students and applied to present on it at next year's NAEA conference if you want any ideas just email me. xoxo