23 June 2010

a little something for the future

i'm loving carving lately. too unsure to carve the metal clay, but love carving a block and then pressing the metal clay into it. i am not a flowery person, but i have a real appreciation for art deco/nouveau florals. this one i just winged, and found that the Dick Blick SoftKut is too schmooshy to get small details in, so this is MUCH bigger than i can use. i think i'll try it again carved out of baked polymer.

and now, i must stop procrastinating and get to completing the art department's budget for the 2010-11 school year and prepare for a class that i may (or may not) be teaching in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried carving any Cold Mold yet?

holly kellogg said...

not yet...my mold backs are a mess, but i bet it is a nice consistency to carve..do you use a linoleum cutter?

STUDiO 28 Waterloo said...

Hi Holly,
A beautiful design! I carved my first block the other week and really enjoyed the process!
Can I ask you how you created those perfect little circles in your carving? Is there a special carver tool to do this?