13 May 2010

photo shoot

gosh, i hate to iron.

but my light tent came with an "eternity insert" (i believe that's what it's called-it's draped from the back of the tent to the floor of the tent to eliminate visible environment corners) that was wrinkly as all get-out.

here's the tent. on the kitchen table. there's nowhere even remotely big enough in my studio to set that thing up. those lights shining on the sides? i had to move 3 large pieces of furniture to unplug them from my kids' rooms. so, it's not the most convenient set up for taking photos of the jewelry, but it's WAY better than waiting till an overcast saturday or sunday, which is what i HAVE been doing! i think the photos came out pretty well, also (they're posted on etsy).

i was very excited about my white eternity insert thinking the white would make such a clean backdrop. to me it seems to be too harsh. i can't seem to balance the light properly. does anyone agree?

so i went back to my old stand-by, a lovely piece of heavy gray silk (i had to iron THAT, too!). the colors are a little washed-out but do we like the gray better?


Liz Woodbury said...

i vote for the gray, although i think both photos look great!

Jeannette said...

I like gray better too!

holly kellogg said...

thanks, girls!

Barb Fernald said...

Hi Holly,
I like the gray better too. I also think its a pain to get all that stuff set up, usually in my dining room, since there is no room in the studio. But, I think your photos
always look great.
For me it will always be a learning process...blah blah blah.

holly kellogg said...

it's always a learning process for me too, i just seem to learn so slowly sometimes, y'know?!