25 April 2010

done, finally

it's really a great necklace, although you can't tell from these photos. the colors of the polymer are a nice clear eggplant and sage. the photo makes the colors look muddy and the clasp look blurry. it's time for me to commit to getting myself set up with a photo shooting scenario that will give me reliable results, every time, sunny days or gray.
i now begin the research. i need.....
matte gray backdrop (not wrinkly gray fabric)
white light diffuser
macro lens

11:40am UPDATE: light tent purchased. on to lens....the question is canon or generic?


Barb Fernald said...

Beautiful!!! I LOVE it!! How did you solve the polymer clay issue to get the surface you wanted? It looks smooth. I really like the bead combo on the chain and the clasp. The whole package is great!

holly kellogg said...

i scraped the polymer before i baked it and then smoothed it with my warm fingers before i baked. i do like those amethyst and peridot beads, too! maybe i'll try some more of those polymer elements, but use them as pendants, singly.....