23 February 2010


well, here's what i've been a-workin' on today.
a lentil bead with a beautiful sunstone from oregonsunstone.com (it has a starburst pattern on the other side). future posts will most likely document the torture of stringing and re-stringing that stinker till i get it right.
super-lightweight disks for a friend...
and boy, do i like those long earrings.
and my proudest moment? see that little headpin down there with the balled end? it's the first one i ever made with my brulee torch (or any torch, for that matter). i needed something with a heavier gauge to hang the lentil on, and ta da! there it is.


Barb Fernald said...

Hey, these look like bronze.? or are they oxidized silver? Or maybe taken next to the good old incandescent light like most of my evening photos are?
They look good. I really like the long ones. Were those made with the syringe pieces? Cool!
Good job on the fire ball! Good night!
xoxo B

holly kellogg said...

incandescent light and LOS left a warm gray...