11 January 2010


some items i have never ordered before. inspired by reading kate mckinnon's book. that's 10 and 20 guage fine silver wire (for fusing). the 16 gauge is on it's way. the tubes will accommodate the 16 and 20 gauges. they will be hinges and bails, i suspect.
wouldncha know it? the day these supplies arrived i realized i'd zipped thru my whole stash of pmc and would need to order more ($9ish again for shipping. grrr.).


Barb Fernald said...

Hinges? You rock!! Can't wait to see.
I do hate having to make a second order, so soon after the first one. But running out of PMC is worse.
I sure do wish we were spending some time together in the studio. I need a Holly fix.

holly kellogg said...

i've been feeling the same way! when i was looking at your beautiful clean-studio pictures, i thought to myself..."oh, look, plenty of table-space for 2 people to work!" i wish....this late winter/early spring is already PACKED with activities...