17 December 2009


i've been cheating on metal with wool.
this is the real problem; the reason i haven't been in the studio.
the cold weather just makes me desperate to feel wooly strands, rather than cold, damp metal clay.
this picture makes it seem like good news, the sweater is complete-the affair is over.
unfortunately, right after i took this picture i tried it on and realized the armpit to shoulder distance is WAY too short (i detest things touching my armpits). so i ripped out all the way down to the armpit join.
the affair continues.


Liz Woodbury said...

next time i see you, i'm gonna touch your armpit.

oh yeah, and that's a gorgeous sweater! yesterday i was wearing the purple one you gave zoë, and it still kind of smells like your house!

holly kellogg said...

i hope that doesn't mean "like fried fish" or something else equally disgusting to smell on a sweater!!!!!

holly kellogg said...

and please don't ever touch my armpit!

Liz Woodbury said...

you know it doesn't. it's a lovely smell. sort of like your childhood home minus the cigarette smoke and wood stove smoke.

i'm going to be THINKING about touching your armpit, at any rate.

Jeannette said...

beautiful! what is the pattern?

holly kellogg said...

oh, i just made it up...it's got kind of an a-line shape and the honeycomb pattern starts right under the boobs...3/4 length sleeves. i use that ann budd book that's like a recipe book for knitting...if you have a certain gauged yarn and you want to make a certain sized sweater it tells you how many to cast on, etc...http://www.amazon.com/Knitters-Handy-Book-Patterns-Interweave/dp/1931499047#reader_1931499047